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Nobody tells the Fort Bend story better than the business executives and leaders who are here in Fort Bend.  They share their experiences, why they are here, and why they have stayed. Labor pool, infrastructure, access, proximity, pro-business government, and quality of life. Just a few of the reasons provide by Fort Bend’s business leaders.

Review the testimonials below and learn why businesses find Fort Bend County one of the best places to move or start a business!

  • Jeremy Garner, Trammell Crow Company, Pro-Business Climate

    Fort Bend County Is Pro Business!

    “We find Fort Bend County, the Fort Bend County EDC and the municipalities we have developed projects with in Fort Bend County to be very cooperative and pro-business.”

  • Jeremy Garner, Trammell Crow Company, Shovel-Ready Sites In Fort Bend

    Fort Bend County has exceptional infrastructure and easy access to the rest of Greater Houston with sites that are shovel-ready!

    “Speed to market is a very important key to attracting tenants. Having a shovel-ready site means there is less uncertainty.”

  • Juan Sosa, Consul General of Panama in Houston

    Ambassador Juan Sosa explains how Fort Bend is best positioned to benefit from the expansion of the Panama Canal.

    “The Port of Freeport is the only port in the region that has the potential to be fully compatible to the expansion of the (Panama) canal.”

  • Masaud Baaba, TriStar Holdings, Inc., President

    Fort Bend County attracts international investment because of the quality of the labor pool, high education standard, and access to land and opportunity.

    “With the diversity in this county, you will have a large pool of people, very educated… that you will not find in many other counties.”

  • Doug Goff, Johnson Development Corporation, Fort Bend's Master Planned Communities

    Fort Bend County consistently has more master planned communities in the top 20 than any other county.

    “In my opinion, Fort Bend will continue to have some of the finest master planned communities in the city of Houston, the state of Texas and the United States.”

  • Doug Goff, Johnson Development Corporation, Creating Lifestyle Communities

    Fort Bend is home to the best master planned communities in the nation, each built around lifestyle communities and diverse amenities.

    “At the end of the day, our challenge is to create spaces where memories can be made. Places that accommodate life, stimulate emotion and inspire creativity which are all signs of a great community.

  • Karla Waddleton, Aldi Vice President, Rosenberg Division

    Access to highways, interstates, and rail make Fort Bend County an attractive place for distribution and manufacturing.

    “We looked at over 20 sites initially when deciding where to put the distribution center. Access to (the Grand Parkway), as well as access to Highway 69 and Interstate 10 allows us to get to the entire Houston marketplace as well as future markets like San Antonio and Austin…”

  • Jerry Dubose, Ben E. Keith Foods, Exceptional Employees

    Fort Bend’s exceptional labor pool allows companies to grow and prosper here.

    “Fort Bend County gave us a great access to a remarkable group of employees.”

  • Jerry Dubose, Ben E. Keith Foods, Access & Proximity

    High quality infrastructure and a comprehensive road system with access to Greater Houston and beyond give Fort Bend companies a competitive advantage.

    “With easy access to all highways that get us to all parts of Houston and beyond…Austin, San Antonio, DFW. It just made perfect sense for us to be here.”

  • Bob Dompke, Nalco Champion, Director of Facilities and Real Estate

    Fort Bend companies stay home. Nalco Champion had choices, and chose Fort Bend.

    “We intend to continue to grow in Sugar Land. It’s where we want to be. Access to transportation modes, be it the highway system, the rail system, have been critical for the plant. The City of Sugar Land has really embraced Nalco as a business partner in the community.”

  • Rocky Lai, Rocky Lai & Associates, President & CEO

    Diversity of population and skill set, ability to access quality education, strong purchasing power, and a welcoming attitude make Fort Bend desirable to international investors.

    We’ve been very happy here with our investment in Fort Bend County… We have a world class, number one education system here. We have a diverse population.. High end, well educated residents.”

  • Dan Spinks, Fluor Corporation, VP & General Manager- Fort Bend's Labor Pool

    Fort Bend County has an exceptional labor pool of skilled and highly trained workers.  Working with the colleges and universities in Fort Bend, the labor pool meets the needs of the business community.

    “The labor pool in Fort Bend County fits our needs perfectly.”

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